Garden Fresh Tamales - Farm to Fork cooking class

10/04/2017 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM PT


Kerin Gould


The fall holidays and the cravings for comfort foods are fast approaching, as autumn cools the air.  In Mexico and many other Central American countries, tamales (and their similar cousins humitas, hallacas, paches…) are a tradition that recurs from the Day of the Dead to Carnaval and Todos Santos, often assembled in huge quantities, assembly-line fashion for family gatherings and fiestas. They are a whole-grain treat with an endless variety of delicious and nutritious fillings, and they aren’t hard to make – especially when stores sell the dough already made!  Once you know the process, you can make them any way you like. Get some friends or family together to make a big batch or just make enough for dinner and a few leftovers.

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